Newbie-Friendly Software Makes It Easy For ANYONE To Bank $500-$1,000+ Per Month Per Local Business Client… 

 No Cold Calling Or Selling Required 


This Is What Experts Marketers Have to Say About Local Lead Beast 2.0

"Simple to the extreme yet extremely powerful summarizes Local Lead Beast 2.0 well. Being able to instantly pull hundreds of leads and analyze their needs was unheard of before."

-Abhi Dwivedi

"Local Lead Beast 2.0 is my go-to-software when researching new opportunities for local business sales. I highly advise its use. Ray Lane never disappoints."

-David Kirby

"As a local marketer, I can honestly say there has never been an easier, more intuitive software than Local Lead Beast 2.0 to help me find fresh leads to keep growing my business. The professional autoresponder sequences are amazing, and themselves justify upgrading to the 2.0 version."

-Venkata Ramana

Fun Fact: By 2021, Digital Marketing Spend In The US Alone Will Be Almost $120 Billion…


That means that 46% of all money spent on advertising will be invested in online marketing over the next 4 years...

That’s a MASSIVE number, and all over the world, we’re seeing this big shift to online advertising from more traditional advertising like print, TV, and radio.

As more businesses move away from traditional advertising methods and look online for more customers, massive opportunities are created for online marketers that know how to strike while the iron is hot...

Hi there… Ray Lane here with Vick Carty and Yogesh Agarwal

If you’re reading this, I have a pretty good idea what you’re thinking right now…

You’re thinking…


“Sounds great, but I can’t help businesses with online marketing… I’m new to online marketing now and struggling…”

OR, you’re thinking…

“Yeah, I’ve tried this ‘local marketing’ thing in the past, and it’s time-consuming to find quality leads, and I don’t like making cold calls…”

What if we told you that what you’re thinking is dead wrong?

The fact that you are looking at this page right now puts you light years ahead of most local business owners.

Plus, there are a lot of services that these businesses need, like video, that they will pay a premium for…

That means you could outsource these services and keep a very nice profit for yourself…

If you’re trying to make money online and tired of struggling to make tiny $7 commissions, please pay very close attention....

You’re about to have the chance to make a lot of money with VERY little effort…

And if you’re already looking for clients or working with local business…

...what you’re about to see is going to BOOST your income and make it easier than ever to make money!

The Big Opportunity Offering Services To Local Business

  • Most local business owners are focused on running their businesses, and they don’t have the time to learn online marketing… This is a HUGE opportunity for YOU to help them
  • There’s NO waiting to get paid from local business like you find with many affiliate and CPA programs… You can make money right away
  • There are all sorts of services that you can offer… and many services you can easily charge $500 - $2,500+ 
  • You don’t even have to worry about fulfilling the services when you do this right… You can outsource almost EVERYTHING
  • Although you may not realize it, YOU know 99% more about marketing online than most local business owners

Unfortunately, a lot of people that try to work with local businesses either struggle… or FAIL… That’s because...

Most People Do It All Wrong When It Comes To Getting Clients

If you’ve read horror stories about working with local business or you’ve tried it yourself and didn’t get the results you wanted… almost ALWAYS boils down to one thing.

Getting clients.

Most people go out begging for business by colding calling or hard selling, and it just doesn’t work.

It’s time-consuming…

It’s soul crushing..

And who wants to live that way?

Making a bunch of cold calls every single day is a horrible way to go about getting clients…

That’s why…

We’ve Developed A Simple, ‘Done For You’ System That Does ALL Of The Hard Work For You...

  • No cold calling
  • No door to door selling
  • No hard closing
  • Business owners will actually be happy to work with you because you’re helping them out
  • And we’ve done everything for you so you can start making money right away!


Local Lead Beast  Volume 2 is a cloud-based software, so it’s extremely easy to use from anywhere. But to call this merely a software or an app, wouldn’t do it justice.

Local Lead Beast Volume 2 is a COMPLETE business system designed to get you clients without you having to do any of the hard work.

  • It’’s 100% newbie-friendly

  • You don’t need any special tools or prior experience 
  • This system ELIMINATES manual searching for clients and cold-calling
  • You can make money as soon as today!

"When it comes to lead generation for offline consulting two of my go to marketers are Vick carty and Ray Lane. These guys are in the trenches doing things that they teach and promote to other local consultants. Local lead beast is a must have tool, if you are serious about your business."


"Local Lead Beast 2.0 is a very well rounded software that allies ease of use and powerful features for local marketers looking for new prospects"

-Billy Darr

"Local Marketing has always been a notoriously scary business to get into, yet connecting and closing local business owners now feels likes cake work thanks to Local Lead Beast 2.0. Recommended!"

-Anthony Earp

Here’s What Local Lead Beast Will Do For You…

Search for Local Leads Instantly

With just a few clicks, generate huge lists of local business owners, and get their professional email instantly. All relevant information can be found in the search results.

Generate Key Analytics

For the first time ever, you can determine which part of a business can be improved, such as mobile speed optimization, social media likes and if the business has a video.

Plug In Autoresponder Sequences

Write powerful email templates to send to your future customers and seamlessly integrate them into Local Lead Beast 2.0

Search Yelp For the First Time Ever

Yelp is a powerhouse when it comes to finding local business owners, and Local Lead Beast 2.0 opens pandora's box wide open. Our Yelp search feature is as powerful and profitable as it sounds.

Export Crucial Data With One Click

With just one  click, keep all important data and leads safely safely stored inside a CSV file. You can do this an unlimited number of times.

Get Analytics for Existing Leads

Run any URL into Local Lead Beast 2.0 and you will instantly get anayltics regarding social media presence, mobile optimizarion, page speed and much more!

Export PDF Reports of Lead Data

With just one  click, generate a highly professional pdf report exposing your prospect's weaknesses. This pdf alone is proven to convert at 30%.

Make Money THIS Week Without Ever Making A Cold Call Or Hard Selling Anyone…

  • This is WAY faster than most online methods… It’s very possible to make money on Day #1!
  • This is 100% newbie-friendly, and you have access to everything inside the Local Lead Beast Volume 2 dashboard...
  • The entire system is tested and proven
  • You don’t have to do any of the fulfillment… Everything can easily be outsourced!
  • If you already have a service you offer, you can easily customize the included emails for any service
  • If you already have a service you offer, simply load up your emails and profit!

Watch Local Lead Beast In Action

Here Is What You Are Getting With Local Lead Beast 2.0

Get access to targeted local business leads from all over the world

We’ve substantially updated our information databases to include Yelp (as well as other sources) since the first version of Local Lead Beast was released 

No more manually searching for leads!

The Local Lead Beast software will give you a list of the best leads in any areas across multiple industries…

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to use the Local Lead Beast

start making money RIGHT AWAY with the included step-by-step video training

No more cold calling or hard selling

Local Lead Beast Volume 2 includes battle-tested emails that are proven to get interested business owners to respond and buy!

Put your email prospecting and follow-up on autopilot by using the email scheduling feature

Not only does this make things simple, you’ll save countless hours of your time by letting the software do all the work for you...

Lock-In A Special Discount On Local Lead Beast Volume 2 Now

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Local Lead Beast

We originally considered charging $97 per month for this simple, money-making system (and we still plan to)…

...but we’ve decided to slash the price and give you the opportunity to get LIFETIME access to Local Lead Beat Volume 2 for the one-time investment of just...

Who Should Get Local Lead Beast ?

  • Affiliate marketers looking to make more money
  • Newbies just starting out and looking for a proven path to success online

  • People looking to quit their jobs and live life on their own terms
  • ANYONE looking to make money as soon as this week with a very part-time

To make this an even better opportunity for you right now...

We’re Throwing In These Money Making Bonuses For FREE When You Get Local Lead Beast Now...

Bonus #1: $20k Recurring Local Business Case Study

In this exclusive training, Vick Carty breaks down exactly how he managed to close a $20,000 annual recurring deal, working just 30 minutes.

This training is the first of its kind and nothing has been left out. Combining this training with Local Lead Beast 2.0 is sure to produce explosive results.

Bonus #2: 20 Ready-to-Sell Videos Perfect for Local Business

Get access to 20 done-for-you videos that you can instantly sell to local business.

Using Local Lead Beasts' in-built analkytics system, you can discover which business are lacking videos, and provide them with one of our professional recordings.

These videos usually sell for well over $500

Bonus #3: 50+ High Quality Backgrounds and Animations

Easily switch backgrounds of our pre-made videos and brand them for your local business clients.

Charge them more and keep them happy while providing them with incredible videos for their business.

Bonus #4: Badass Video Editing Sofware

Easily edit our videos with this intuitive and powerful video editing software.

Customize videos however you like. Includes tutorial videos on how to use the software.

Test-Drive Local Lead Beast Volume 2 For The Next 30 Days With NO Risk...

Even though the low, one-time investment for access to this powerful all-in-one money-making system makes this hard to pass up for anyone looking to make solid money quickly...

This works so well, and it’s so easy to make money with this, we could keep showing example after example of people that are getting results with this…

But you really need to see it for yourself and give it a try, and make sure it’s for you…


That’s why we’ve decided to give you the next 30 days to test-drive Local Lead Beast…


If for any reason you decide this isn’t for you, or you’re not 100% satisfied, just send us an email within 30 days, and we’ll get you a prompt refund,

We’re willing to take on all the risk here because we know you’ll be blown away at the simplicity of everything once you login that very first...

The only way you lose today is by leaving this page without getting access to Local Lead Beast Volume 2.

Use Coupon Code "llb5off" To Get $5 Discount 

Coupon Code Expires in:

Local Lead Beast

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’re Getting Today...

Use Coupon Code "llb5off" To Get $5 Discount 

Coupon Code Expires in:

Local Lead Beast

Virtually everything has been done for you here.

To make money with Local Lead Beast Volume 2, all you have to do is…

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to get things setup
  • Start making money!

That’s it.

You can make money on your first day, because unlike online money-making methods, you don’t have to wait for a payout.

Business owners will pay you directly via PayPal or check…

You don’t need any special skills or experience, and you can make THOUSANDS of dollars per month with this.

Get unlimited searches for local business owners and easily acquire their professional contact emails.

A powerful autoresponder ready to plugin to your email campaigns to generate fast results and local leads sales.

First-in-the-world analytics that pinpoint exactly what parts of a business could use your help, and turn total strangers into returning customers.

Unlimited Yelp and social search results to truly connect with local business owners.

Plus over-the-shoulder video trainings, as well as exclusive bonuses worth over $x,xxx

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Lead Beast Volume 2?

Local Lead Beast Volume 2 is an all-in-one system for finding targeted local business leads and then selling them various online marketing and branding services.

Why do I need this?

As more businesses move their advertising budgets online, there has never been a better time to offer services to small business owners. The best part is, we’ll show you how to make money even if you’re a total newbie. That’s possible because Local Lead Beast Volume 2 is a system that you simply have to plug-into and you WILL get results.

Who Needs Local Lead Beast?

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Can newbies use this and make money?

Yes. The Local Lead Beast Volume 2 software is extremely easy-to-use, and because it’s hosted in the cloud, there’s never anything to install.

We also include step-by-step video training that shows you EXACTLY how to make money with the system as soon as today.

I’m terrified of selling… Is this for me?

Definitely! There is NO selling required with Local Lead Beast Volume 2.  Simply load up emails into the system and Local Lead Beast does the rest.

How much money can I make with this?

There, opportunity is massive. It’s very possible to make $500-$2,500+ PER Week with this with a VERY part-time effort. Of course, you can make more or less depending on what you put into this.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is send us an email, and we’ll get a refund with no questions asked.

The only way you can lose is if you miss out on this at the highly-discounted pricing...

How do I get started with this right away?

Click the button to get started right now!

Use Coupon Code "llb5off" To Get $5 Discount!